New Branding

Discovery Questionnaire
Goals & Decisions
What are the top three goals to achieve with this project?
Examples: drive traffic, engage prospects, generate leads and re-engage existing customers, help close sales by validating and supporting sales team communications, improve customer satisfaction through better service, simplify and optimize content updates and website management, integrate with other systems; meet security, performance and scalability requirements, reduce costs by streamlining and automating workflows and tasks, attract and recruit new employees and support current employees, grow the company’s bottom line and increase profitability
Please provide three or four example websites that you like and what you like about them.
Who on your team are the decision-makers for design & development feedback?
Hosting & Domain Registrar
Note: Web hosting providers connect your site to the internet and provide the server it runs on. Domain name registrars reserve a domain name for use by your site (i.e.